Based in Hampshire at Winchfield Equestrian James would like to welcome you to come to his home and train.

James on Training

I am very passionate and dedicated to my training. There is nothing more satisfying than clients out winning! I stick to the scales of training and also do a lot of judging and examining which is great as it keeps me focused from the judges point of view.

My strength is the ability to create expression without adding tension. This is vital to dressage.

We have great facilities but I am happy to travel to teach too! I will teach anyone that wants to learn.

I currently train with Conrad Schumacher which has not only improved my riding and Smash way of going but re-focused me on correct and classical dressage training. I want to help my students understand how to communicate and build confidence with their horses. I do this by combining practical theory with basic exercises that enhance the horse’s strength and flexibility while focusing on the rider’s position and how it can be used to influence’s the horse’s movement in a positive way.
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Training Offered

Alongside the full, part, training & competition livery, TeamJB runs intensive training weekends and courses for both horse & rider. All levels are most welcome.

James’ empathy with both horse and rider, together with his structured and passionate style of training, have built an outstanding reputation as both a trainer and successful competitive rider. James is fun and totally committed to helping anyone who has a real desire to learn!

So why not come along and join us for fun dressage training.

Intensive Training Courses

2 day training course - 2 lessons & 1 night stabling: £150.00
3 day training course - 3 lessons & 2 nights stabling: £230.00
5 day training course - 5 lessons & 4 nights stabling: £400.00

Dressage to Music

2 days training - 2 lessons - 1 night stabling - creation of floor plan using video - creating 2 cd's of music - £250.00

Test riding

Re-create the show day with a warm up session a break then test riding that James will judge. He will then analyse your scores and go through your test again with you ready for competition day.
£95.00 per session

Individual Lessons

At home: £70 or £75 if travelling

Lorries & Accommodation

Hook up is available for lorries. B&B is available on site or in the village.

Look forward to seeing you all soon
James Burtwell Dressage USA LLC - +1 352-342-0021